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Product Features

  • Tortoise and the hare race play panel
  • Rock, paper scissors play panel
  • Flip-over noughts and crosses play panel
  • 3 in-a-row play panel
  • XD-Eco panel construction
  • Powder coated aluminium posts
  • Social seating with roof

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    Product description

    Designed with quality, sustainability, and play in mind. Each Play Den features two benches, a roof for shade, and four different Play Panels.

    Step into a world of amusement with the Games Play Den. Designed to foster social interaction and teamwork, this play den is home to classic board games, competitive games, and interactive play elements. The den includes our 3 In-a-Row, Rock Paper Scissors, Flip-Over Noughts and Crosses, as well as our Tortoise and Hare Race Play Panels. Our Play Dens are built to last. The XD-Eco HDPE material is non-toxic, easy to clean, providing worry-free playtime. Both the HDPE and aluminium posts offer a rot and rust free alternative to traditional timber and steel. Our XD-Eco HDPE has a 100% recycled core, and both the HDPE and aluminium are recyclable when the time comes.

    Order Code

    Red/Black roof and benches with grey/black play panels and anthracite aluminium posts

    Games Den

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