Highly skilled manufacturing, with over two decades experience

CNC Machining

As well as a host of regular machinery we also have CNC machines with a bed capability of up to 1520x3050mm, which give us a consistent, fast, flexible and high quality output for our machined components.


We have experience with motion and proximity sensors, sound replay, LED displays and lighting as well as solar and wind-up power generators. We develop our own PCBs using commercial grade heavy duty electronic components.

Product Assembly

We not only manufacture components for our customers, we also have full assembly and finishing departments within our organisation, enabling us to create high quality finished products too.


We are the innovators of large panel thermoforming for the play industry. We have a computer-controlled oven which is capable of forming anything from a small panel to a full sheet of HDPE.

HDPE Welding

We have various HDPE welding machines including an extrusion welder, suitable for welding HDPE up to 19mm thick, and an injection welder, suitable for joining thinner gauge materials, detail work and spot welding.

Stock and Distribution

We have an extensive range of HDPE sheet and materials in our warehouse at any one time, to accommodate our growing customers at home and around the world.