We care about the Earth, just like you

Plastic is not a dirty word, and polymers can be green

There can be a lot of negative publicity surrounding "plastics" from time to time. Think about supermarket plastic bags, plastic waste in landfill that will last 1000's of years and also there is the enormous stew of rubbish consisting of 80 percent plastics and weighing in at around 3.5 million tons, which floats in an area of the sea between San Francisco and Hawaii. Not great press and a case for using plastics!

However plastics offer us a great deal of benefits over other materials. Think about the use of polymers in vehicle manufacture, which are used to make vehicles lighter and more efficient, think about the use of polymers in place of timber and helping to reduce de-forestation. The majority of polymers can be easily recycled rather than sending them to landfill, so maybe it's not the fault of the designers, engineers and manufacturers using polymers in their products and packaging, but more likely the fault lies with the rest of us for not recycling them properly when we have finished with them. It is the responsibility of all of us to recycle more, both now and even more so in the future.

Fahr recycling policy

Fahr Industries has been recycling 99% of all its HDPE waste material and off cuts from the very formation of the company and it is our policy to continue to recycle as much of our waste materials as possible in the future.

We recycle for you

To help you do your bit for the environment, we are taking the initiative and offering you a service where you can send your old and/or damaged Fahr HDPE panels back to our factory and we will ensure that this HDPE is also recycled free of charge. Please make sure these panels were originally supplied by Fahr and that you send them back to us stripped down to the bare panel, so all the fixings and any non-HDPE components have been removed.

Fahr recycled materials

At Fahr we not only recycle our HDPE waste materials and off cuts, but we also source and use recycled materials in some of our products.

We use recycled plastic posts, seat planks for furniture and we also have a range of HDPE sheet material that has more than 50% post industrial recycled plastic in its core, and we have also supply sheets that are 100% post consumer recycled HDPE (to order).

Please contact the Fahr Office for more information on Densetec PCR sheet material or LumbeRock profiles and products.