WE care about the planet, just like you

Waste Reduction

Fahr have recycled 99% of all our HDPE waste material and off-cuts from the very formation of the company, and it is our policy to maintain this industry leading standard. In addition, our in-house design team ensure our products are optimised to best utilise materials and minimise waste.

Recycled Materials

At Fahr we supply and utilise an extensive range of recycled materials. We’ve made it easy to identify these materials and their use in our products with our ‘Eco’ logo. This allows customers to easily identify and confidently specify sustainable products. This is becoming ever more important due to increasing government legislation, tendering criteria, and corporate responsibility targets.

Recycling Policy

At Fahr, we take pride in offering HDPE recycling services to our valued customers who are looking for a responsible way to dispose of their old or damaged ‘Fahr’ HDPE panels. With our recycling services, we ensure that the HDPE material returned to us is recycled efficiently and effectively. This practice saves HDPE from landfill, allowing it to be reused to create new products.

Service Life

At Fahr we design and manufacture our products to last. We use only the best and most durable materials for each application. Our ethos is to ensure our products provide year after year of play value in any setting. Fahr is proud to have products still in service from its inception in 2001 that continue to provide fun and engaging experiences for children worldwide. Increasing service life is one of the most effective ways to reduce a product’s environmental impact.