Sensory Ribbed Crawl Through Play Tunnel

Product No. FIRTSEN12

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Product Features

  • 2-colour engraved XD-Eco entry panels
  • Plastic ribbed tunnel with smooth liner
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Ground anchors available
  • Available in 2000mm long and 1200mm long
  • Tunnel windows to view the world outside
  • Engaging sensory activities built in

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    Product description

    For children who enjoy and seek out tactile sensory experiences. Comfortable larger diameter tube sections set at different angles create a unique crawl through experience.

    An exciting crawl through tunnel experience with engaging tactile entry panels. Featuring sensory roller balls, coloured windows, spinning shapes, touch textures and counter sliders. Children can gain a sense of security when sitting in the tunnel, and are able to peak at the world outside through the multiple windows, A fun and engaging place to hang out, our hide away. Constructed using a 600mm diameter, ribbed tube which has been professionally cut and joined to the entry panels using a new Fahr design clamping system.

    Order Code

    Black ribbed tunnel with 1200x800mm Orange/Black HDPE end panels with contrasting accessories

    Sensory Ribbed Crawl Through Play Tunnel 1200mm
    Sensory Ribbed Crawl Through Play Tunnel 2000mm

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