Role-Play Kitchen

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Product Features

  • Multi-activity and multi-sensory
  • Oven tile slide puzzle and rotating controls
  • Washing machine with rotating drum
  • Spinning food plates and sliding fridge contents
  • rotating condiments, sink bowl and rotating tap
  • Includes aluminium posts for in ground installation
  • Also available individually

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    Product description

    I always spend my time in the kitchen at parties, if only they were as fun as this one.

    The Role-Play Kitchen is a collection of multi-activity panels and worktops, with lots of activities to keep children busy and socially interact with each other, activities include - cooker with tile slide puzzle oven window showing a roast chicken, cooker top with rotating controls, washing machine with rotating drum and coloured water beads, and a matching socks top, refrigerator with sliding foodstuff and top with spinning food plates, cupboard shelves with rotating condiments that contain coloured beads, and a sink and draining board top with rotating tap. Supplied with aluminium posts and panels made from tough, durable, and safe HDPE which does not rot, split or delaminate. BS EN 1176 - Designed to British & European Standards.

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    Multi-coloured panels and accessories

    Role-Play Kitchen

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