RotoGen Power Reactions Play Panel

Product No. FIPTRPMRG6

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Product Features

  • RotoGen human powered energy
  • Generator tone as you turn the rotor
  • NEW LED power meter display
  • LED lights and sounds reactions game
  • Global product with NO narration
  • LED light scoring 1-8
  • Musical notes for play feedback
  • Ultra-reliable, commercial grade electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee
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    Product description

    Generating the power is now part of the fun! Watch the lights and listen for the 'beep'

    Turn the rotor and watch the LEDs light up to show how much power has been generated along with an audible increasing pitch generator tone. When the game is ready to start you will get a "beep, beep, beeeep" count in ready to play the reactions game. See how many you can react to in the game time limit, you will get a score 1-8 which will display on the power meter. Because this panel needs no narration and is intuitive to play, you can install this in almost any country. Featuring RotoGen human powered energy, the electronics are ultra-reliable, protected by a water and tamper resistant cover, while the electronic components are covered by a three year guarantee.

    Order Code

    Blue/White main panel with Grey light rings and White light lenses

    800x595mm RotoGen Power Reactions Play Panel
    1200x800mm RotoGen Power Reactions Play Panel

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