100 Square Play Panel

Product No. FI100SQ6

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Product Features

  • Recycled plastic (HDPE) panel construction
  • Recycled plastic posts also available
  • 2 sizes available - 800 x 595mm and 1200 x 800mm
  • Designed to British & European Standards
  • Age range 2+ Years
  • Can be mounted on any vertical surface
  • Select the colours you wish to suit your school playground or play space

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    Product description

    The popular classic 1-100 number panel shows all the times tables from 1 to 10 in contrasting colours. An ideal nursery or primary school teaching aid or used for repetition, which is so important for learning the times tables.

    Constructed from our XD-Eco HDPE, it is low maintenance and will not rot, crack or split. The perfect addition to the school playground or play space. This product is a great way to encourage learning through play and can be fixed to the wall or it can be free standing on posts. This is a very popular panel and like many of our original classic panels this panel is relatively simple and also very good value for money.

    Order Code

    Green/Black panel

    800x595mm 100 Square Play Panel
    1200x800mm 100 Square Play Panel

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    You must specify the colour option you require at the time of order if it is different from the standard colour listed with the order code (above), otherwise you will receive the standard colour.

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    All customers' requirements are subject to availability at the time of order.

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