Symphony No5 – Musical Set

Product No. FIMUSYM5-AL-WP

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Product Features

  • 7 musical instrument set
  • 5 Bells, Spin Maracas, Cam Chimes,
  • Bongo Tree, Shake Rattle and Roll,
  • Tube and Flat Chimes
  • User configurable layouts
  • ASTM and EN compliant
  • Includes aluminium T-Slot posts

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    Product description

    Great selection of musical instruments for all ages and abilities

    Symphony No5 is a good one, with a nice selection of instruments including the awesome Pentatonic Cam Chimes panel which can be played by just pushing the cams towards the chimes. This group of instruments will make a good looking (if a little noisy) focal point in any playground. The set is supplied with aluminium T-slot posts that will allow you to create your own layouts with the 45 degree post slots, the panels are constructed from HDPE, please see the individual instrument pages for more details. Designed for use in controlled environments.

    Order Code

    Green/White main panels, Grey aluminium t-slot posts and contrasting colour activities

    Symphony No5 - Musical Set

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