PlayTronic Synthesizer Musical Panel

Product No. FIPTSYNTH6

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Product Features

  • HDPE panel construction
  • Electric rock synth notes C-C
  • Stainless steel touch-sensor activation
  • Ultra-reliable, commercial grade electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee
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    Product description

    Become an electric rockstar with the PlayTronic Synthesizer Musical Play Panel. Electric rock synth notes C-C.

    PlayTronic Synthesizer Musical Panel Encouraging the development of hand - eye coordination, rhythm and musicality in the playground - be a rock star at playtime! The addition of electronic sounds to play panels adds another dimension and interaction between the user and the panel itself. Adding the extra complexity of electronics is nothing to worry about though because all the components used are commercial grade and have been designed specifically for this application. The whole system has been carefully designed and manufactured by Fahr and have now been part of the panels line up for over 3 years. Constructed from hard-wearing HDPE it will not rot, crack or fade in UV. Perfect for the school playground or play space as it is low maintenance and very durable. All Fahr PlayTronic musical panels include touch sensitive activation switches with no moving parts, water-proof speaker, sealed circuitry and battery compartment with easy to change long life batteries. All the electronic parts have been designed to fit in a durable steel, water resistant case with security screws to prevent unauthorized tampering. All the main components can be unplugged and swapped-out if there is ever a failure, making maintenance relatively cheap and easy to carry out.

    Order Code

    Violet/Yellow main panel, Black/White insert, Red/Yellow plant-on and self colour stainless steel touch plates

    800x595mm PlayTronic Synthesizer Musical Panel
    800x820mm PlayTronic Synthesizer Musical Panel

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