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  • Create Your Own Interactive Products Fahr has been working with electronics for both the indoor and outdoor play sector for a number of years and in that time they have been continually developing the reliability and functionality of the electronics. The result is a very cost effective, reliable and fully customizable platform to build bespoke electronic products from.

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    We have many capabilities with our electronics at Fahr, you can choose from to create a new interactive product or enhance an existing one:

    What type of sensor activation are you looking for? Touch sensor, touch sensor with LED lights, pressure sensor or infrared detector. How many sensors would you like? 1, 2, 3... you can have up to 8, or more? What sounds do you want to playback? Sound effects, music, narration, you can send the sound files to us or we can help find them for you. How many sounds do you want to playback? You can have one or more sounds to play from each sensor position. What playback style would you like? You can have random or sequential playback. What shape and colour interface control panel would you like? You can choose from any of our standard colour options and a shape that suits your panel as, long as it covers the profile of the electronic control housing. What graphics would you like on the interface panel? You can send us your graphics or we can work with your designer to create something for you. What power source would you like to run the electronics? Alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, mains power (with adaptor) or Human Powered Energy. Then all you need to decide is what design and graphics you want on your main host panel and whether you would like us to manufacture for you.

    You must specify the colour option you require at the time of order if it is different from the standard colour listed with the order code (above), otherwise you will receive the standard colour.

    Please note:

    All customers' requirements are subject to availability at the time of order.

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