Inclusive Design

Everyone needs to play, let's make it possible

Play is an important part of children’s development in their early years and inclusive playground design allows children of all ages and abilities to enjoy playing together.

Children develop a huge array of personal skills in the playground environment including social skills, imagination, creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills, sense of self, sense of connection and self-care skills. Inclusive playground design allows all children to benefit from the environment.

Inclusive playground equipment ensures that all playgrounds are accessible to everyone and that our play equipment caters for both able-bodied and children with disabilities. This element of playground design is incredibly important to us and is something we focus on throughout our product design process.

All our products have elements of inclusive playground design while some might have stronger features than others.

Sensory and Inclusive

We have a vast range of products with different sensory attributes combining sound, touch and sight, as well as inclusive designs that almost anyone can play, here are some examples.

Touch, sight and sound

Turn the crank wheel, watch the cogs turn and listen to the balls tumble over the pins

Touch and sound

The rocking cams that strike the chimes can be moved without the need to grip or grasp, just knock them to play the chimes

Touch, sight and sound

Touch sensors that can be activated by any part of the body, coloured LED lights and sounds to stimulate

Touch and sight

Turn the Lilly Pads and let the frogs explore the pond with your help

Inclusive Product Design

At Fahr we work with some of the largest and most respected playground companies in the World. Our passion is working with our customers to bring their ideas to life and creating great products and components that everyone can play with.

If you would like to work with Fahr, to make your inclusive product dreams become a reality, we are only a few clicks away.