Value Engineering

February 2024
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Value Engineering

We have been working hard behind the scenes to re-engineer many of our existing products to battle increasing costs, while reducing waste and utilising more environmentally friendly materials.

The work is on-going, but the impact of our value engineering so far this year has been;

343 products held at 2023 prices
287 products have reduced in price
A fresh new look for our classic products
New colour options to choose from

Why update from 19mm HDPE to 15mm XD-Eco?

Lower Material Cost
Replacing 19mm HDPE with 15mm XD-Eco reduces the volume of material used lowering raw material costs.

Reduced Freight Cost
The reduction in sheet thickness makes products lighter and more economical to transport.

Less Waste
With thinner sheets there is less waste, which greatly reduces the volume of material that needs to be recycled.

Environmentally Responsible
Our 15mm XD-Eco material has a black core made from 100% recycled plastic, saving huge amounts of material from landfill.

Contemporary New look
Using the black core XD-Eco material, offers a consistent and high contrast look to engraved panels, allowing for bold easy to read text and graphics.

For a full list of our XD-Eco updates, contact our sales team at:
or call:
+44 (0)1722 349793

287 products reduced in price

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