Springer Update

July 2023
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Springer Update

Our aim at Fahr Industries is to continually improve our products in order to meet our customers' evolving needs.
Over 22 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality playground products has provided us with a deep understanding of what makes playground equipment durable, reliable and appealing.

That is why we are excited to announce a significant update to our springers. A transformation from our original yellow springs to NEW grey springs. By transitioning the spring colour to grey, we aim to create a contemporary aesthetic that aligns with current design trends. Not only are the springs receiving a modern touch, but also the accompanying brackets and handles.

Our commitment to providing exceptional play remains the same, we believe that this transformation will further elevate the appeal of our playground springs. Whether it is a school, park or any other playground, our grey-coloured springers will seamlessly blend with the surroundings, creating a harmonious and modern play environment for children of all ages.

We believe that the subtle appeal of grey will effortlessly integrate into various playground settings, and compliments both natural and urban playground design. Enhancing the overall visual appeal whilst maintaining the durability and reliability that our customers expect.

The transition from yellow to grey will take place during Autumn 2023.

See the updated Springers here: Product Range

To find out more, contact our sales team at: sales@fahr-industries.com or call : +44 (0)1722 349793

our grey-coloured springers will seamlessly blend with the surroundings

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