Save up to 26% on HDPE Sheet

August 2022
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Combat the ever increasing material cost by choosing from our 15mm sheet range.

We are all experiencing the ever increasing materials cost, which is causing the purchase price of most goods to be raised. To help combat this, we have increased our range of colour options available in 15mm sheet materials for you to choose from.

By switching from 19mm sheet material to 15mm you could save up to 21% and if you choose one of our 15mm XD sheet options the savings increase to up to 26%!

We have been offering 15mm HDPE sheet options for over 10 years; with the initial introduction of our 15mm XD sheet materials. With the introduction of XD sheet materials, Fahr was the first company in the world to introduce black core sheets that contain post-industrial recycled HDPE within the core.

We have recently expanded our colour range to 12 options; including multiple white core colours. Ensuring that you not only save money but are not limited by colour options for your designs.

Our fresh new contemporary colour options are bright and vibrant, creating an eye-catching and attractive focal point. All our panels are made from high quality HDPE guaranteeing years of play value. There has never been a better time to change over to 15mm.

If you are considering one of our standard panels or a bespoke design, how about asking our Sales Team to see whether we can create the panel in 15mm*.

Our helpful Sales Team will be able to guide you through your options and see what works best for you at the correct price point.

Get in touch to see how we can help you save money and retain a high level of quality on your playground designs!

Contact the Sales Team on 01722 349793 or via email

*please note that a small number of our panel designs are only available in 19mm HDPE

Fahr have been offering 15mm HDPE sheet options for over 10 years!

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