New Virtuoso Flower Instruments

January 2023
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New Virtuoso Flower Instruments

Introducing our standalone musical flower instruments! Add a splash of colour to your playground with our NEW Flower Tongue Drum, Flower Cymbal and Flower Bells.

Why is it important to include music in play? Music can become a major influence on a child’s developmental growth. It has been shown that music positively impacts children in a variety of ways, including cognitive, emotional, and motor development.

Some main areas of development include:

• Improved co-ordination and motor skills
• Helping to build close relationships and improve social skills
• Increase communication and imagination
• Improved listening skills
• Boosts emotional understanding

Each musical instrument creates a different and interesting sound allowing children to experiment and learn while creating harmonies.

Are you looking for a more natural theme? In designing our new musical products, we've taken inspiration from the natural world. Flowers can create a more relaxing environment, making people feel less depressed, troubled or agitated. They can induce a more positive outlook on life, boosting energy and happiness. Offering not just an eye-catching design, but also a more positive environment.

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It has been shown that music positively impacts children in a variety of ways

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