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August 2023
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Are you looking for the ultimate playtime experience that sparks creativity, encourages learning, and ignites imagination? Look no further!

Designed with quality, sustainability, and play in mind, our Play Dens are available in six captivating styles:
Art / Basics / Games / Learning / Musical / Sensory
Each Play Den features two benches, a roof for shade, and four different Play Panels.

Our Play Dens come in two fantastic styles: Standard and Adventure. The Standard embraces simplicity and bold colour, providing a clean contemporary style for imaginative play and artistic expression. On the other hand, Adventure style provides a more naturalistic look and feel with timber style roof and earthy colours.

Why Choose Our Play Dens?

Durability: Our Play Dens are built to last. The XD-Eco HDPE material is non-toxic, easy to clean, providing worry-free playtime. Both the HDPE and aluminium posts offer a rot and rust free alternative to traditional timber and steel.

Sustainability: Our XD-Eco HDPE has a 100% recycled core. Both the HDPE and aluminium are also recyclable when the time comes.

Versatility: Why not create your own by choosing other panels from our extensive range.

Art Den:
Nurture the budding Picasso or Van Gogh in your child with the Art Play Den! This play den provides a fantastic space for creative exploration. Featuring our Paint, Chalkboard, Dry Wipe, and Weaving Play Panels.

Basics Den:
Are you looking for more affordability? Packed with educational games and activities, the Basics Play Den enhances cognitive skills, numeracy, and language development. Featuring our Fraction Finder, Hello Language, Butterfly Maze and Pet Food Play Panels.

Games Den:
Step into a world of amusement with the Games Play Den. Designed to foster social interaction and teamwork, this play den is home to classic board games, competitive games, and interactive play elements. The den includes our 3 In-a-Row, Rock Paper Scissors, Flip-Over Noughts and Crosses, as well as our Tortoise and Hare Race Play Panels.

Learning Den:
Education meets play in the Learning Play Den. With interactive tools and engaging educational resources, this play den promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Featuring our Abacus, Animal Spelling, Tell me the Time and Todays Date is Play Panels.

Musical Den:
Set the stage for a symphony of sound with the Musical Play Den. This play den is equipped with various musical instruments, allowing children to explore rhythm, melody, and harmony. Featuring our Cam Chimes, Bells, Maracas and Tongue Drum Play Panels.

Sensory Den:
Ignite the senses and unlock endless possibilities with the Sensory Play Den. This den provides a multi-sensory experience, enhancing sensory perception and cognitive development. Featuring our Colour Wheel, Make it Rain, Roller Pixels and Sensory Play Panels.

Find our more about each of the different Dens click here: Product Range

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why not create your own, choose other panels from our extensive range

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