New Optical Illusions

June 2024
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New Optical Illusions

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation in playground equipment – Our fun and fascinating Optical Illusions! Mesmerising visuals to create captivating experiences in any play space.

Post Mounted
From swirling patterns to mind-bending designs, our illusions generate visual excitement. The XD-Eco discs (100% recycled core) are mounted on our new mini aluminium posts to provide excellent wheelchair access.
Optical Illusions Post Mounted

Play Panels
Ideal for active children, these panels encourage imaginative play with our vibrant designs, igniting creativity and excitement.
Pulsing Square Optical Illusion Play Panel
Wormhole Optical Illusion Play Panel
Revolving Rectangles Optical Illusion Play Panel
Spinning Spiral Optical Illusion Play Panel

Add play value to shelters, structures, fences, walls, tower units, or plain panels. Our Inserts provide a creative and budget-friendly solution to enhance any playground experience.
Optical Illusions Inserts

Mini Inserts
Compact versions of our popular Inserts, offering the same captivating designs at a smaller size. Ideal for smaller spaces or budget-conscious projects, these Mini Inserts deliver big on fun and visual appeal.
Mini Optical Illusions Inserts

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
All our Optical Illusions products are manufactured using 15mm XD-Eco HDPE featuring 100% recycled black core.
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Visually engaging with dynamic and mesmerising illusions

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