New Concentric Spinners

April 2024
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New Concentric Spinners

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our NEW Concentric Spinners! Designed to engage children in physical movements to solve cognitive challenges. Available in 3 different formats to suit any play space.

Inclusive Flowers
Sculptural products resembling vibrant flowers in high contrast colours to aid children with visual impairments. The XD-Eco discs are mounted on single recycled plastic posts to provide excellent wheelchair access.
Inclusive Flowers

Play Panels
Engaging and irresistibly fun activities which encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. They promote active learning, motor skill development and communication among children.
Spinning Sums Play Panel
Concentric Counting Play Panel
Spin Spell Play Panel
Concentric Code Breaker Play Panel

A versatile installation option which can add focal points and play value to shelters, structures, fences, walls, tower units and plain panels. A creative low cost solution to brighten up any playground large or small.
Concentric Spinner Inserts

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
All our concentric spinners are manufactured using 15mm XD-Eco HDPE featuring 100% recycled black core. The flowers are mounted on recycled plastic Eco-Posts made from European plastic waste saved from landfill.
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Designed to engage children in physical movements to solve cognitive challenges

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