New Brochure

March 2024
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New Brochure

We are excited to share with you our New Fahr Brochure. Showcasing a huge range of our extraordinary products! Explore not only our classic play panels but also discover a host of innovative new products, including an extensive selection of eco-friendly options.

What’s inside?

Inclusive Play
A broad selection of inclusive and sensory play products to help promote social interaction, and understanding among children with different abilities and backgrounds.

Recycled Materials
We've significantly enhanced the integration of recycled materials across our product range, clearly denoted by the 'Eco' logo so they are easy to spot.

Huge Choice
With hundreds of products to choose from you’ll be able to find what you need to compliment your scheme.

New Products
Elevate your play spaces with our new inclusive designs, imaginative role play, dynamic springers, engaging activity stations, and much more.

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huge range of extraordinary products!

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