New 2 Player RotoGen Reactions Totem

March 2023
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Introducing our new 2 Player RotoGen Reactions Totem!

This new addition to our 'Totem' range promotes active, cooperative and competitive play.

When children engage in cooperative/competitive play in a playground environment, they not only develop their physical abilities but also their social and emotional skills. They learn to interact with their peers, negotiate, and resolve conflicts, which are essential life skills.

Active play develops a child's motor skills, which are necessary for performing everyday tasks. When children engage in physical activities they develop their gross motor skills, which are crucial for maintaining balance and coordination. The Reactions Totem has been specifically designed to challenge children to stretch high, and squat low. Engaging all the major muscle groups, all whilst testing their hand eye coordination, and response times.

How does it work?

The power is generated by the children turning the RotoGen handle until the display reaches 99, the sounds play, and the lights flash. They then press one of the illuminated game select buttons. The game options include the Reactions Game, where players try to hit as many of their LED lights as possible within a limited period of time. The Challenge Game, which requires players to react quickly, with the first player to hit their corresponding light winning that point. At the end of the games the winning player's score will flash along with the lights on their side of the Totem.

If an individual child wants to play either game, they can compete to score a personal high score.

A great focal point for any space, it is sure to make a statement!

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Active play develops a child's motor skills, which are necessary for performing everyday tasks

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