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Design and manufacture of playground equipment, HDPE panels, products and components to trade companies worldwide

Fahr Industries - Experts in Playground Equipment, Outdoor Furniture and Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of play equipment, HDPE panels, products and components for trade companies Worldwide, Fahr Industries is particularly focused on listening to what their customers want and looking for ways that their customers can enhance their own play products and schemes.

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Fahr Industries
Densetec Design Panel (TC)
Marine Board from Fahr Industries


  • UV stabilized for fade resistant outdoor use
  • Will not rot, delaminate, splinter or crack
  • Stain and graffiti resistant for easy cleaning
  • Durable matt finish
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Requires no painting
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • High impact resistant
  • Recyclable and non toxic
  • Easily machined and engraved


  • Interior or exterior signage
  • Environmental graphics
  • Playground and recreational equipment
  • Panels and components
  • Sports panels and equipment
  • Architectural elements

Standard Sizes*


Widths and Lengths:


1220mm x 2440mm



12.5mm and 19mm

Densetec HDPE Design Panel is a thermoplastic sheet with multiple coloured layers. The material is manufactured by co-extruding two contrasting colours, one on the inside and the other on the outside. The colours are combined while the material is still molten producing a homogeneous sheet which is guaranteed not to delaminate, splinter or crack. It is superior to other laminates.


Densetec HDPE Design Panel is used worldwide in the manufacture of panels and components for the Playground, Sport, Leisure and Recreation Industries. The versatile properties of the material including UV stabilizers, make it resistant to fading, moisture, weather, stain and graffiti resistant. The perfect choice for outdoor environments.


Densetec HDPE Design Panel is easily routed or engraved using current CNC technology. Removing the outer colour and revealing the colour inside can create almost unlimited designs. Increasingly used across a wide range of industries and applications, Densetec HDPE Design Panel is being used to replace timber and composite panel components. Whilst the initial cost of these materials may be lower, the long-term maintenance requirements and shorter life expectancy make their choice a false economy. Additionally, Densetec HDPE Design Panels and components often give a more professional finish and greater product longevity.


The wide variety of standard, bright and contrasting colours make it perfectly suited to many applications. Where there is a requirement for a more conservative colour scheme, pastel and subtle organic colours are also available. As the colour is embedded into the sheet, Densetec HDPE Design Panel requires no painting. This is especially useful in harsh environments where the colour will not chip, flake or wear away. Multi-coloured effects and images can be created by either planting on or implanting additional colours.


2-Colour Design Panel is now available in 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE

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Standard colours


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*Other sheet size, thickness and colour combinations are available upon request, these are however subject to availability and may be subject to a minimum order of 2500 Kg per combination.