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Design and manufacture of playground equipment, HDPE panels, products and components to trade companies worldwide

Fahr Industries - Experts in Playground Equipment, Outdoor Furniture and Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of play equipment, HDPE panels, products and components for trade companies Worldwide, Fahr Industries is particularly focused on listening to what their customers want and looking for ways that their customers can enhance their own play products and schemes.

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Fahr Industries
ABOUT Fahr Industries

Fahr Industries is a forward thinking company with an eye for design and a passion for the play industry

Farh Industries New Factory
Farh Industries HDPE Routing
Farh Industries HDPE Routing
Farh Industries New Factory
Farh Industries New Factory

How it all started


Fahr Industries Ltd was started in 2001 by Andy Hoddle and Russell Funnell, and this is where the name "Fahr" came from - Funnell, Andy, Hoddle, Russell.


When the Fahr venture started they had a 40ft container of HDPE sheet on the way from the USA, their first CNC machine also on the way from the USA and they had just exhibited at their first FSB exhibition in Cologne, Germany, all before they even had a factory or workshop to put them in or start production! Needless to say they were both exciting and chaotic months at the start of the business venture for Russell and Andy.


Both Andy and Russell had worked within the play industry for a number of years prior to this, and had spotted the opportunity to supply HDPE panels and components to companies within the play industry, providing high quality products with a good service and at a reasonable price. 


Having spent a very happy year in Australia the year before starting up Fahr, Andy and his family loved the place so much that they decided to emigrate to Australia late in 2003, leaving Russell and his wife Katrina to completely take over the company. Andy wanted to make a completely clean break and has since started another very successful play company in Australia called Kaebel Leisure manufacturing playground equipment products and components for the Australian market.



What Fahr does


Fahr design and manufacture products and components, mostly from plastics, exclusively for trade companies all over the World. They are specialist in products and components for the playground industry, but have involvements in many other industries that have a requirement for machined plastic parts.

  1. We have 5 CNC machines with the capacity to turn around work less than 7-10 days if necessary.
  2. We offer the service to work closely with our customer's designers and we are always creating unique and bespoke products for our customers so they can stand out amongst their competitors.
  3. We also have a wide range of standard OEM products for our customers to use and modify to speed up their design process and keep costs down.
  4. We supply to trade customers only, giving you the added security that we will not be approaching your customers or passing any of your bespoke designs on to other companies either.


Product design

Fahr has a large range of standard products and components to choose from or can offer their customers design services ranging from a simple modification to a standard design to personalize to their customers requirements, right up to a complete product design and manufacturing service. Fahr likes to work in partnership with their customers to help make their products successful, because if their customers are successful Fahr will be too.



CNC Machining

With the use of modern, sophisticated CNC machines and CAD/CAM design facilities, Fahr Industries is able to manufacture machined panels and components, all within tight tolerances and to a high standard, time and time again. They also have on-going planned investment for new machinery to further increase their efficiencies, capabilities and to expand on the products that they can offer.



Fast and reliable service

As specialists in the Play Industry, Fahr knows how the industry works and they recognize the importance of staying competitive, while still being able to deliver your goods in time to meet project requirements. Fahr are always looking to stay one step ahead with a comprehensive range of design and tooling facilities, and along with the expertise gained over many years of successful manufacturing, means that you can benefit from fast, efficient and cost effective processing of components.


Their attention to detail, a primary consideration throughout the whole of our operation, ensures that you receive the right goods at the right time.



Standard designs to help you

To save their customers lots of time and money creating new graphics, activities and products for the equipment ranges, Fahr Industries have created an ever-expanding range of different components, products and activities to choose from. With new designs being created all the time there should be something that you are looking for within their range, but if there isn't, then talk to Fahr and look at getting it created for you.