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  • UV stabilized for fade resistant outdoor use
  • Will not rot, delaminate, splinter or crack
  • Stain and graffiti resistant for easy cleaning
  • Durable orange peel textured finish
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • High impact resistant
  • 100% recyclable and non toxic
  • Easily machined and engraved
  • No heavy metals
  • No phthalates

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    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheets are extruded and co-extruded thermoplastic materials that are used worldwide in the manufacture of panels and components for the Playground, Sport, Leisure and Recreation Industries. The versatile properties of this material, including UV stability, make it resistant to fading, moisture, weather, stain and graffiti. The perfect choice for outdoor environments.

    HDPE is easily routed or engraved using current CNC technology, in the case of 2-colour sheet options, you can remove the outer colour and revealing the colour inside to create almost unlimited design capabilities. Increasingly used across a wide range of industries and applications, HDPE panels are being used to replace timber and composite panel components. Whilst the initial cost of these materials may be lower, the long-term maintenance requirements and shorter life expectancy make their choice a false economy. HDPE also offered as softer, warmer and more play friendly feel to it. In addition to all the product and user benefits, HDPE is 100% recyclable

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    • Sheets sizes & thicknesses
    • Colours & finishes
    • Applications

    Available Options

    • Fahr HDPE Single Colour

      Solid colour all the way through

    • Fahr HDPE 2-Colour

      2-colour sheets

    • Fahr XD

      Coloured outer skin with recycled black core

    • Fahr HDPE Grip

      Single colour sheet with slip resistant and heavy embossed top surface

    • Fahr HDPE Grip Design

      2-colour sheets with slip resistant and heavy embossed top surface


    Other sheet size, thickness and colour combinations are available upon request, these are however subject to availability and may be subject to a minimum order of 2500 Kg per combination.

    Please note:

    All customers' requirements are subject to availability at the time of order.

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