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August 2020
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When we created the power meter version of our extremely popular Reactions Game, the original plan was to remove the need for narration and make the product universal without the need for translation, this was a success, but we didn't want to stop there.

For 2020 we have incorporated the LED power meter into the centre game sensor and programmed this sensor to display the score at the end of the game also. When you turn the rotor it still has the characteristic increasing tone power generator sound, but now you turn the new HDPE rotor with our second generation dynamo and crank handle with stainless steel bearings, offering a much better, smoother and quieter rotor.

We have also added a hidden diagnostic mode to the panel, which will help the user to fault find in the rare even of a failure, but you are in safe hands with a 3 year electronic components guarantee.

Why not take the RotoGen Power Meter Reactions game for a spin!

Power generation is now part of the fun!

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