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Design and manufacture of playground equipment, HDPE panels, products and components to trade companies worldwide

Fahr Industries - Experts in Playground Equipment, Outdoor Furniture and Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of play equipment, HDPE panels, products and components for trade companies Worldwide, Fahr Industries is particularly focused on listening to what their customers want and looking for ways that their customers can enhance their own play products and schemes.

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Fahr Industries


1 2 and 3 Times Table Play Panel
10 11 and 12 Times Table Play Panel
100 Square Play Panel
100 x 100mm x 1550mm Square (Black)
100 x 100mm x 1750mm Square (Black)
100mm Polycarbonate Domes
120mm Dia x 1550mm Round (Black)
120mm Dia x 1750mm Round (Black)
1500 A-Frame Recycled Plastic Picnic Table
1800 A-Frame Recycled Plastic Picnic Table
2-Way Spring Rocker
3 in a Row Game Play Panel
3 in a Row Panel Insert
300mm Polycarbonate Domes
4 5 and 6 Times Table Play Panel
4-Way Spring Rocker
5 a Day Fitness Play Panel
600mm Polycarbonate Domes
7 8 and 9 Times Table Play Panel


Abacus 2 Play Panel
About Us
Aeroplane Play Panel
Aeroplane Spring Rocker
A-Frame Picnic Tables
Agility Run
Airlock Play Panel
All Seesaws and Rockers are TÜV certified to EN1176
Ally Tube Glockenspiel Musical Play Panel
Alphabet Lower Case Play Panel
Alphabet Snake Wall Play Panel
Alphabet Upper & Lower Case Play Panel
Alphabet Upper Case Play Panel
Ambulance Play Panel
Animal End Backless Bench
Animal End Bench
Animal Search Play Panel
Animal Spelling Play Panel
Arched Balance Beam
Arrows Split-Traverse Wall
Arts & Crafts Play Panels
Arts Centre


Baa (Sheep) Spring Rocker
Backless Bench Seat End Graphics Panels
Bakery Play Panel
Balance Beams
Ball Games
Ball Maze NGP Play Panel
Bank Play Panel
Barford 1200 Backless Bench
Barford 1200 Bench
Barford 1800 Backless Bench
Barford 1800 Bench
Barford Bench Range
Basketball Backboard
Battery Powered Panel Inserts
Beach Maze Play Panel
Belle the Bumble Bee Spring Seesaw
Bells Musical Play Panel
Bench Seat End Graphics Panels
Bench Seat Engraving
Benches and Seating
Betty (Bee) Spring Rocker
Billy (Goat) Spring Rocker
Bird Duck & Fish Trace Play Panel
Bo Peep Maze Play Panel
Bob and Dolly Photo Opportunity Panels
Bongos Musical Play Panel
Bug Eyes Chameleon Play Panel
Bug Eyes Cricket Play Panel
Bug Eyes Hornet Play Panel
Bug Eyes Spider Play Panel
Butterfly Spring Rocker


CAD Design Capabilities
CAD Design Services
Cam Chimes Musical Play Panel
Can you find the times Play Panel
Car Spring Rocker
Castle Play House
Cecil (Caterpillar) Spring Rocker
Chalkboard Station XD Play Panel
Characters Roof Unit
Charlie the Crocodile Musical Panel
Children at Work Cog Play Panel
Chimes Play Panel with Tunes
Chunky Nought & Crosses Play Panel
Classic Panels
Classic Play Panels
Climbing and Traverse
Climbing and Traverse Walls
Climbing Walls
Clockwork Play Panel
Cluck (Chicken) Spring Rocker
CNC Machining
CNC Machining
Colour Options Template
Component Panel Inserts
Concaved Mirror Panel
Contact Us
Convexed Mirror Panel
Copolymer Sheet
Count the shapes Play Panel
Craig Crocodile Spring Rocker
Crazy Maze 2 Play Panel
Cricket Wicket Panel
Crossroads Street Sign
Curved Balance Beams
Curved Extreme Climbing Wall
Curved Stepping Stones
Cut-Out Letters
Cut-Out Numbers
Cycle Route Ahead Street Sign
Cycle Route Street Sign


Daily Active Cloud Panels
Daily Active Cloud Timer
Daily Active Fitness
Daily Active Lap Counter
Daily Active Start Banner
Daisy Head Play Panel
Decking and Platforms
Densetec Colours
Densetec Copolymer Sheet
Densetec Copolymer Sheets
Densetec Cutting Board
Densetec Design Panel
Densetec Grip
Densetec Grip Design Panel
Densetec HDPE
Densetec HDPE Borated Sheet
Densetec HDPE Design Panel
Densetec HDPE Grip - non slip
Densetec HDPE Grip Design
Densetec HDPE Marine Board LW -Lightweight
Densetec HDPE Single Colour
Densetec HDPE Technical Spec
Densetec HDPE XD
Densetec HMW (PE500)
Densetec Homopolymer Sheet
Densetec Homopolymer Sheets
Densetec LDPE
Densetec Marine Board
Densetec Partition Board
Densetec PCR
Densetec Polypropylene Rod
Densetec Polyprorod
Densetec PP
Densetec SC
Densetec Technical Specifications
Densetec Utility Board
Densetec XD
Design HDPE Panel Colours
Dinosaur Crawl Thru Play Tunnel
Dinosaur Springers
Diplodocus Spring Rocker
Disco Ball Play Panel
Doctors Play Panel
Dog, Cat & Rabbit Trace Play Panel
Dolphin Spring Rocker
Dragon Spring Rocker
Driftwood Den
Drive Thru Play Panel
Driving Test Play Panel
Driving with Mirrors Play Panel
Dry Wipe Station XD Play Panel
Dumper Spring Rocker


Early Years Express Train
Early Years Express Train Set
Early Years Farm Yard
Eco-Bell Tree
Eco-Bongo Tree
Eco-Chime Quartet
Eco-Chime Solo
Eco-Flat Chimes (High Octave)
Eco-Flat Chimes (Low Octave)
Ecomomy Springers
Eco-Multi Chimes (4 Set)
Eco-Multi Chimes (8 Set)
Eco-Rain Wheel
Eco-Tall Tube Chimes
Eco-Tongue Drum
Eco-Tube Chimes (High Octave)
Electronics Customisation
Elephant Spring Rocker
Ellie Elephant Spring Rocker
Emergency Services
Ernie the Engine Train Loco


Fahr Flower Design M10 Bolt Cover Caps
Fahr Manufacturing Container
Farm Animal Seats
Farm Animals Backless Bench
Farm Shop Panel
Farm Yard Play
Farmyard Search Play Panel
Farmyard Springers
Fencing Palisades
Fire and Rescue Truck
Fire Engine Play Panel
Fireball Play Panel
Fireman's Pole
First Letter Sounds Play Panel
Fishing Boat
Fishmonger Play Panel
Fitness Point - Exercise Station Panels
Flip-Over Noughts & Crosses Play Panel
Flower Explorer Panel Insert
Flower Explorer Play Panel
Flower Shop Play Panel
Football Goal
Formula Racing Play Panel
Fun Activity Play Panels
Fun and Educational Panels
Fun Trail
Furniture Ground Anchor Kits


GameBoard 1500 A-Frame Picnic Table
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Double Chess
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Double Draughts
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Double Mazes
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Double Snakes and Ladders
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Dry-wipe Noughts and Crosses
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Ludo with 4 in a Row
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Maze with Snakes and Ladders
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Our Solar System
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Plain Dry-Wipe
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - PlayTown
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Snakes and Ladders with Draughts
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Sudoku Junior
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Super Slot Racers
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - Track and Field Games
GameBoard 1500 Picnic Table - World Map Quiz
GameBoard Picnic Tables
GameBoard Top Kit - Double Chess
GameBoard Top Kit - Double Draughts
GameBoard Top Kit - Double Mazes
GameBoard Top Kit - Double Snakes and Ladders
GameBoard Top Kit - Dry-Wipe Noughts and Crosses
GameBoard Top Kit - Junior Sudoku
GameBoard Top Kit - Ludo with 4 in a Row
GameBoard Top Kit - Maze with Snakes and Ladders
GameBoard Top Kit - Our Solar System
GameBoard Top Kit - Plain Dry-Wipe
GameBoard Top Kit - Playtown
GameBoard Top Kit - Snakes and Ladders with Draughts
GameBoard Top Kit - Super Slot Racers
GameBoard Top Kit - Track and Field Games
GameBoard Top Kit - World Map Quiz
GameBoard Top Kits for Picnic Tables
Giant 4 in a Row Game Play Panel
Giant Chalkboard Station Play Panel
Giant Paint Station Play Panel
Give Way Street Sign
Grocers Shop Play Panel
Grocers Shop Shelves Play Panel


HDPE Cut Fencing Palisades
HDPE Moulded Platform Slides
HDPE Planter Box - XD
HDPE Planters
HDPE Rock Holds
HDPE Slide Bracket Fixing Kit
HDPE Slide Entry Panel
HDPE Slide Ground Lug Fixing Kit
HDPE Slide Technical Details
HDPE Slides
HDPE Slides
HDPE Welding
HDPE Welding
Heavy Duty Rectangular Waste Bin
Hot Shot Ball Game
How tall am I Play Panel
How tall are you - Beanstalk Play Panel
How tall are you - Dino Play Panel
How tall are you - Dragon Play Panel
How tall are you - Lighthouse Play Panel
How tall are you - Tree Play Panel
How Tall Play Panels
Humpty Head Through Play Panel


Ice Cream Shop Play Panel
Imaginative Play
Imaginative Play Submarine
Insert Bench Range


Keith the Caterpillar Crawl-Through Tunnel
Kids Compass Play Panel


Langford 1200 Backless Bench
Langford 1200 Bench
Langford 1800 Backless Bench
Langford 1800 Bench
Langford Bench Range
Larry Lion Spring Rocker
Last Letter Sounds Play Panel
Level Crossing No Barrier Street Sign
Lily (Ladybug) Spring Rocker
Lion Body Crawl Thru Tube Tunnel
Lion Crawl Thru Play Tunnel
Lion Spring Rocker
Litter Bins
Lost in Space Maze Play Panel
LumbeRock Board
LumbeRock Board


Make it Rain Panel Insert
Make It Rain Play Panel
Manufacturing Services
Manufacturing Services
Mars Rock Climbing Wall
Mechanical Panel Inserts
Meltdown Climbing Wall
Miaow (Cat) Spring Rocker
Mike the Monkey Musical Panel
Mini 3 in a Row Panel Insert
Mini Beast Backless Bench
Mini Beast Wall Plaques
Mini Hump Back Bridge
Mini Make it Rain Panel Insert
Mini Pirate Ship
Mini Roundabout Street Sign
Mini Spiral Shifter Panel Insert
Mini Tile Slide Butterfly Insert
Mini Tile Slide Fish Insert
Mini Tile Slide Frog Insert
Mini Tumble Ball Panel Insert
Mini Tumble Turn Panel Insert
Minibeast Springers
Minivan Spring Rocker
Mirrors & Domes Play Panels
Modular Platforms
Modular Platforms
Monster Head Through Play Panel
Moo (Cow) Spring Rocker
Moon Rock Climbing Wall
Moving Parts Play Panels
Mud Kitchen Play Panel
Mud Kitchen Unit
Multi-Play Arch Ladder
Multi-Play Bridge
Multi-Play Cargo Net Bridge
Multi-Play Climbing Wall
Multi-Play Curved Roof Unit
Multi-Play Double Tower
Multi-Play Dual Bar Slide
Multi-Play Fireman's Pole
Multi-Play Infill Panel
Multi-Play Ladder Bridge
Multi-Play Link Ladder Bridge
Multi-Play Modules
Multi-Play Monkey Bars Bridge
Multi-Play Moulded Slide
Multi-Play Net Bridge
Multi-Play Quad Tower
Multi-Play Rock Hold Ramp
Multi-Play Scramble Net
Multi-Play Single Tower
Multi-Play Sloping Bridge
Multi-Play Sloping Link Ladder
Multi-Play Square Platform
Multi-Play Stainless Steel Components
Multi-Play Stainless Steel Slide
Multi-Play Stairs
Multi-Play Triple Tower
Multi-Play Tunnel Bridge
Multi-Play Tunnel Underpass


Neigh (Horse) Spring Rocker
Nessie Climb-Over Storage
Nessie Head Chalkboard
Nessie Over and Under Tunnel
Nessie Play Elements
Nessie Play Elements Set
Nessie Play Picnic Table
Nessie Tail Glockenspiel
NEWS - October 2016 - New Sound PCB Opens Up New Possibilities
NEWS - October 2018 Product Update No.9 Brochure
NEWS - RotoGen Power Meter, power generation is now part of the fun!
NEWS - September 2016 - New Product Update No.7 Brochure
NEWS - September 2017 - New Product Update No.8 Brochure
NEWS - Summer 2016 - Fahr Capabilities
Number Crunch Play Panel
Number Fun NGP Play Panel
Number Maze Play Panel
Number Search Play Panel


Oink (Pig) Spring Rocker
Olivia the Octopus Spring Seesaw
Original Shop Play Panel
Outdoor Furniture Container


Pachinko Play Panel
Paint Station XD Play Panel
Pair Shaped Play Panel
Panel Inserts
Parking Street Sign
Parrot 4-Way Spring Seesaw
Parrot Spring Rocker
Percussion Musical Panels
Percy the Penguin Musical Panel
Personalised Backboards
Petrol Pump Play Panel
Phonics Tree Play Panel
Picnic Table GameBoard Activities
Picnic Tables
Pinball Play Panel
Pirate Flag Playground Accessory
Pirate Head Through Play Panel
Pirate Ship
Plain 2-Colour Crawl Thru Play Tunnel
Plain Climbing Wall
Plain Crawl Thru Tunnel
Plain HDPE Crawl Thru Tube Tunnel
Plain Roof Unit
Plain Split-Traverse Wall
Plain Traverse Wall
Play Accessories
Play Chime Musical Panel
Play Equipment
Play Hut
Play Huts, Houses and Dens
Play Industry Container
Play Panel Colour Options
Play Panel Colour Options
Play Panel Colour Options
Play Panels
Play Ships and Boats
Play Tubes and Tunnels
Playground Components
Playground Springers
Playtime Tech
PlayTronic 3 Year Guarantee on Electronics
PlayTronic Acoustic Guitar Musical Play Panel
PlayTronic Acoustic Guitar Panel Insert
PlayTronic Actions Play Panel
PlayTronic Active Play Panel
PlayTronic Agility
PlayTronic Ambulance Panel
PlayTronic Audio Panels
PlayTronic Bass Guitar Musical Play Panel
PlayTronic Bass Guitar Panel Insert
PlayTronic Buzz Reactions Game Panel
PlayTronic Buzz Reactions Panel Insert
PlayTronic Colours Play Panel
PlayTronic Counting Cuckoos Panel Insert
PlayTronic Counting Cuckoos Play Panel
PlayTronic Custom Options
PlayTronic Do Not Touch Panel Insert
PlayTronic Driving Panel Insert
PlayTronic Driving Play Panel
PlayTronic Drum Kit Panel Insert
PlayTronic Drums Musical Play Panel
PlayTronic Electronic Noises Play Panel
Playtronic Fairground Sideshow Reactions Game
PlayTronic Fire Engine Panel
PlayTronic Games Panels
PlayTronic Interactive
PlayTronic Lead Guitar Musical Play Panel
PlayTronic Lead Guitar Panel Insert
PlayTronic Make a Noise Play Panel
PlayTronic Memory and Reactions Game Panel
PlayTronic Memory and Reactions Game Panel Insert
PlayTronic Music Panels
PlayTronic Panel Inserts
PlayTronic Panels
PlayTronic Piano Keys Panel Insert
PlayTronic Piano Musical Play Panel
PlayTronic Play and Tune Chimes Panel Insert
PlayTronic Police Car Panel
PlayTronic Shapes Reactions Panel Insert
PlayTronic Simon Says Play Panel
PlayTronic Solar Powered Stopwatch Panel
PlayTronic Solar Stopwatch Panel Insert
PlayTronic Sport Reactions Wall
PlayTronic Sunny Side Farm Panel Insert
PlayTronic Sunnyside Farm Play Panel
PlayTronic Surroundings Play Panel
PlayTronic Synth Keyboard Panel Insert
PlayTronic Synthesiser Musical Play Panel
PlayTronic Tin Can Alley Reactions Game Panel
Police Car Play Panel
Polydek Panels
Polydek Panels
Polygons Play Panel
Polymer Materials
Polyslick UHMW Profile
Polyslick UHMW Rod
Polyslick UHMW Sheets
Pond Explorer Panel Insert
Pond Explorer Play Panel
Post Box Play Panel
Post Office Play Panel
Post Stepping Disc
Post Top Markers
Prancer Spring Rocker
Product Ground Anchor Kits
Punch and Judy Theatre Play Panel
Puppy Maze Play Panel


Quack (Duck) Spring Rocker


Reactions Web Wall Game
Rectangles Roof Unit
Recycled Plastic Posts
Reptile Body Crawl Thru Tube Tunnel
Ribbed Tunnel 1m
Ribbed Tunnel Balance Bridge
Ribbed Tunnel Net Bridge
River Rapids Panel Insert
River Run
Road Narrows Street Sign
Road Works Street Sign
Rock Face Split-Traverse Wall
Rock Paper Scissors Play Panel
Rocky Split-Traverse Wall
Roof Units
RotoGen Acoustic Guitar Panel Insert
RotoGen AutoPlay Nursery Rhymes Panel Insert
RotoGen AutoPlay Nursery Rhymes Play Panel
RotoGen Buzz Reactions Game Panel
RotoGen Buzz Reactions Insert
RotoGen Cartoon Panel Insert
RotoGen Cartoon Play Panel
RotoGen Funny Face Insert
RotoGen Funny Faces Play Panel
RotoGen Music Box Panel Insert
RotoGen Music Box Play Panel
RotoGen PlayTronic Acoustic Guitar Play Panel
RotoGen PlayTronic Bass Guitar Musical Play Panel
RotoGen PlayTronic Bass Guitar Panel Insert
RotoGen PlayTronic Drum Kit Panel Insert
RotoGen PlayTronic Drums Musical Play Panel
RotoGen PlayTronic Lead Guitar Musical Play Panel
RotoGen PlayTronic Lead Guitar Panel Insert
RotoGen PlayTronic Piano Keys Panel Insert
RotoGen PlayTronic Piano Musical Play Panel
RotoGen PlayTronic Reactions Game Panel Insert
RotoGen PlayTronic Reactions Game Play Panel
RotoGen PlayTronic Synth Keyboard Panel Insert
RotoGen PlayTronic Synthesiser Musical Play Panel
RotoGen Power Meter Reactions Insert
RotoGen Powered Panel Inserts
RotoGen Shapes Reactions Insert
RotoGen Shapes Reactions Panel
RotoGen Sunny Side Farm Insert
Round Tumble Ball Cog Insert


Safari Springers
Sand and Water Basin
Sand and Water Play
Scientific Gears Play Panel
Scientific Play Panels
Scientific Weather Station Play Panel
Scoreboard Sports Panel
Scramble Tunnel
Seal 4-way Spring Seesaw
Seal Spring Rocker
Secret Woods Crawl Thru Play Tunnel
Secrets Bench
Secrets Bench
Shaker Musical Play Panel
Shapes Play Panel
Shapes Reactions Panel
Shapes Traverse Extreme Wall
Shapes Traverse Wall
Ships Anchor Playground Accessory
Ships Port Hole Playground Accessory
Ships Wheel Playground Accessory
Shiver-me-Timbers Pirate Bow
Show me how to... Play Panel
Showtime Mirror Play Panel


site map


Skylight Crawl Thru Play Tunnel
Skylight Crawl Thru Tube Tunnel
Slime Climbing Wall
Solar Explorer Panel Insert
Solar Explorer Play Panel
Solar Powered Panel Inserts
Space Rider Spring Rocker
Space Rocket Play Panel
Space Ship XD Play Panel
Spaceman Play Panel
Sparkling Butterfly Play Panel
Speed Camera Street Sign
Spider Explorer Panel Insert
Spider Explorer Play Panel
Spin Dice Panel Insert
Spin Dice Play Panel
Spin Maze Panel Insert
Spiral Shifter Panel Insert
Splat Mirror Play Panel
Sport Reactions Insert Set
Sports and Ball Games
Sports Wall 5 Panel Set
Sports Wall Basketball Panel
Sports Wall Cricket Panel
Sports Wall Football Panel
Sports Wall Netball Panel
Sports Wall Rounders Panel
Spring Balance Bell
Spring Balance Maze
Spring disc
Spring Maze
Spring Plank
Spring Planks and Discs
Spring Playtime Tech
Spring Rockers
Spring Seesaws
Springer Originals
Springer Specifications
Stage Backdrop Play Panel
Stainless Slides
Stainless Steel Platform Slide
Stainless Steel Slide Entry Panels
Stainless Steel Slides
Standard Modules
Starburst Play Panel
Starlight Mirror Play Panel
Stars Roof Unit
Std Colours Available
Steam Express Train
Steam Express Train Carriage 1
Steam Express Train Carriage 2
Steam Express Train Carriage 3
Steam Express Train Engine
Steam Express Train Set
Steering Wheel Playground Accessory
Stegosaurus Spring Rocker
Stepping Flowers
Stepping Stones
Stock and Distribution
Stock and Distribution
Stoford Bench
Stratford Picnic Table
Stratford Picnic Table with Building Blocks
Stratford Picnic Table with Engraved End Frames
Stratford Picnic Tables
Street and Traffic Panels
Stretch Posts
Sunflower Sums Play Panel
Surf Rider - Flower Spring Plank
Surf Rider - Surf Spring Plank
Surf Rider - Wave Spring Plank
Sweet Shop Play Panel
Sydney (Snail) Spring Rocker


Tangle Play Panel
Tell Me The Time Play Panel
Terms and Conditions
Terrance the Pterodactyl Spring Seesaw
Terry the Tractor
Terry the Tractor and Activity Trailer Set
Themed End Benches
This shape is a... NGP Play Panel
This shape is a... Play Panel
Tic Tac Toe Panel
Tiger Crawl Thru Play Tunnel
Tiger Stripes Crawl Thru Tube Tunnel
Tile Slide Butterfly Play Panel
Tile Slide Fish Panel Insert
Tile Slide Frog Play Panel
Tile Slide Snake Play Panel
Tiled Roof Unit
Tilt Mazes
Tim Tiger Spring Rocker
Timing and Scoring
Toadstool Top Kit
Toby the Tractor
Toby the Tractor and Trailer Set
Today's date is... NGP Play Panel
Todays date is...Play Panel
Today's Weather is... NGP Play Panel
Todays weather is... Play Panel
Tongue Drum Musical Play Panel
Tower Systems
Toy Town Play Panel Set (6 panels)
Tractor Activity Trailer
Tractor Spring Rocker
Tractor Trailer with Cow
Tractor Trailer with Dog
Tractor Trailer with Pig
Traffic Light Street Sign
Train Carriage No.1
Train Carriage No.2
Train Carriage No.3
Train Station Shop Panel
Train Ticket Office Panel
Train Wheel Playground Accessory
Traverse Walls
Treasure Map Play Panel
Tree Trunk Crawl Thru Tube Tunnel
T-Rex Spring Rocker
Triceratops Spring Rocker
Tumble Ball Cog NGP Play Panel
Tumble Ball Cog Panel Insert
Tumble Turn Panel Insert
Tumble Turn Play Panel
Turbo Racer Play Panel
Turn Left/Right Street Sign
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Play Panel
Twist Bearing Panel Insert
Twist Bearing Run Play Panel


Underground Play Tunnels
Underground Tunnel 1200x1200mm Entry Panel
Underground Tunnel 1200x800mm Entry Panel
Underground Tunnel with Angled Entry Panels
Underwater Diver Play Panel
Underwater Scene Play Panels
Underwater Sub Play Panel
Uneven Road Street Sign


Village Shop Panel
Virtuoso Bell Tree
Virtuoso Bongo Tree
Virtuoso Chimes Quartet
Virtuoso Concert Flat Chimes
Virtuoso Concert Tube Chimes
Virtuoso Diatonic Cam Chimes
Virtuoso Flat Chimes
Virtuoso Multi Chimes (4 Piece Set)
Virtuoso Multi Chimes (8 Piece Set)
Virtuoso Music
Virtuoso Pentatonic Cam Chimes
Virtuoso Shake Rattle and Roll
Virtuoso Solo Chimes
Virtuoso Tall Chimes
Virtuoso Tongue Drum
Virtuoso Tube Chimes


Wall Garden 3-Pot Planter
Wall Garden Tub Planter
Wall Planters
Wall Play Panels
Wall Target - Large
Wall Target - Small
Wall Target Ring (individual)
Wall Target Ring Set of 5
Wall Targets
Wally the Walrus Musical Panel
Water Cascade
Water Cycle Play Panel
Wave Ramp
Weaving Fun Play Panel
Wendy Hut
Whale Spring Rocker
What Time Alarm Clock Play Panel
What time is it Play Panel
What's New in Categories
What's New in Products
What's New?
Whats the Weather Like Play Panel
Where shall we go Play Panel - Pirates
Which Way Traverse Extreme Wall
Which Way Traverse Wall
Who Pairs Wins Play Panel
Wild West Jail Play Panel
Wild West Rope Sign Play Panel
Wild West Wanted Head Thru Panel
Window Cut Out Panel
Window Cut Out Play Panel
Wobbly Mirror Play Panel
Wood Grain Effect
Woof (Dog) Spring Rocker
World Map Play Panel


Zap Mirror Play Panel
Zebra Crawl Thru Play Tunnel
Zebra Crossing Street Sign
Zebra Stripes Crawl Thru Tube Tunnel
Zig-Zag Split-Traverse Wall
Zoe Zebra Spring Rocker
Zoom Bug Eyes Chameleon Play Panel
Zoom Bug Eyes Hornet Play Panel
Zoom Bug Eyes Spider Play Panel
Site Map - Fahr Industries