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Design and manufacture of playground equipment, HDPE panels, products and components to trade companies worldwide

Fahr Industries - Experts in Playground Equipment, Outdoor Furniture and Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of play equipment, HDPE panels, products and components for trade companies Worldwide, Fahr Industries is particularly focused on listening to what their customers want and looking for ways that their customers can enhance their own play products and schemes.

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Fahr Industries

Virtuoso Solo Chimes

Virtuoso Solo Chimes
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Product Features
  • Individual tube chime on single post
  • 8 notes available C4 to C5
  • ASTM compliant chimes and mounting
  • Soft feel rubber mallet/beater
  • ASTM compliant mallet/beater cables and mounting
  • Includes aluminium T-Slot post


Product Information Sheets












Product Order Code

Bright Silver chimes with Slate Grey posts and multi-coloured chime blocks and post cap

  • FIVSCC4-AL-WP - Virtuoso Solo Chime C4 with Alu Post
  • FIVSCD4-AL-WP - Virtuoso Solo Chime D4 with Alu Post
  • FIVSCE4-AL-WP - Virtuoso Solo Chime E4 with Alu Post
  • FIVSCF4-AL-WP - Virtuoso Solo Chime F4 with Alu Post
  • FIVSCG4-AL-WP - Virtuoso Solo Chime G4 with Alu Post
  • FIVSCA4-AL-WP - Virtuoso Solo Chime A4 with Alu Post
  • FIVSCB4-AL-WP - Virtuoso Solo Chime B4 with Alu Post
  • FIVSCC5-AL-WP - Virtuoso Solo Chime C5 with Alu Post


Custom colours and designs to your specification

  • See our 2-colour and XD colour options here


IMPORTANT: you must specify the colour option you require at the time of order if it is different from the standard colour listed with the order code (above), otherwise you will receive the standard colour.


Please Note: All customers' requirements are subject to availability at the time of order

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