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Design and manufacture of playground equipment, HDPE panels, products and components to trade companies worldwide

Fahr Industries - Experts in Playground Equipment, Outdoor Furniture and Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of play equipment, HDPE panels, products and components for trade companies Worldwide, Fahr Industries is particularly focused on listening to what their customers want and looking for ways that their customers can enhance their own play products and schemes.

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Fahr Industries
Densetec Technical Specifications
Tredsafe Colour Stack - From Fahr Industries
PCR Colour Stack - From Farh Industries

Face Finish: Textured (typically "orange peel" or "desert sand" finish with round or square slip-resistant pattern on TredSafe top surfaces only)


UV Stability: Where applicable Densetec HDPE sheets are manufactured with a standard 5 year UV protection package. The materials contain 0.1% antioxidant and 0.4% UV stabiliser in the final product. We would expect this to give a 5 year protection level dependant upon the conditions where the product is used. Please note the following sheets do not have a UV protection package as standard: Utility Board, Partition Board and Cutting Board.


Expansion: The coefficient of thermal expansion for Densetec HDPE is approximately 1.5mm per metre per 10deg C.


Pigments: None of our pigments have heavy metal contents in their pigment packages. We do not manufacture any sheets in colours that contain heavy metals (including cadmium or chromium). Most of the colours that we supply for playground equipment, for example, are even FDA approved, meaning that they are safe for food applications (FDA - US Food and Drug Administration).


Fire Rating: ASTM Test D1248, tested fire rating UL94HB. Densetec HDPE does not cause or suffer from surface flash in any way.

Densetec« Typical Properties
Mechanical Properties3 ASTN Test Unit Value
Density D1505 Kg/m3 955
Tensile Yield Strength D638 Type 4 N/mm2 28
Ultimate Elongation @ Break 50mm per min D638 Type 4 % >600
Brittleness Temperature D746


Flexural Modulus D790 N/mm2 1378
Impact Strength 53453 kJ/m2 No Break
3 Physical properties reported herein were determined on compression molded specimens prepared in accordance with Procedure C of ASTM D1928. The nominal properties herein are typical of the product but do not reflect normal testing variance and therefore should not be used for specification purposes.