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Design and manufacture of playground equipment, HDPE panels, products and components to trade companies worldwide

Fahr Industries - Experts in Playground Equipment, Outdoor Furniture and Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of play equipment, HDPE panels, products and components for trade companies Worldwide, Fahr Industries is particularly focused on listening to what their customers want and looking for ways that their customers can enhance their own play products and schemes.

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Fahr Industries
CNC Machining - From Fahr Industries
CNC Control Panel from Fahr Industries
CNC machining - New Factory Internal from Fahr Industries
CNC machining - New Factory External from Fahr Industries
CNC machining - Routing Polydek from Fahr Industries

European based, high quality manufacturing and CNC machining


It is very easy to get sucked into the hype that says you must outsource your CNC machining from the Far East, such as China or India to remain competitive in today's world. While for mass produced items there is certainly something to be gained by looking East, we have found from our own experiences that more often than not you are faced with the same old problems:

  1. CNC machining lead times can be very long
  2. what you think you ordered, is not always what you get
  3. you have to invest heavily in large orders and stock levels
  4. it's all the same designs, there is little or nothing bespoke

In today's ultra-competitive CNC machining market, the price you sell at is of course important, but the ability to stand out from the crowd is a big advantage and that is where Fahr comes in, we can offer you the following CNC machining by comparison:

  1. very short lead times of typically 2-4 weeks
  2. you get exactly what you ordered with no nasty surprises
  3. you can basically order when you have an order
  4. you can easily personalise your products to stand out

As specialists in the Play Industry we recognise the importance of staying competitive and understand what is takes to stay one step ahead.


Our comprehensive range of designs and tooling facilities, along with expertise in CNC machining gained over many years, means that you can benefit from fast, efficient and cost effective processing of jobs.


With the use of modern sophisticated CNC machines and CAD/CAM design facilities, Fahr Industries is able to create simple and complicated panel and components, fast, efficiently and all within consistent tight tolerances.


Do you have something that you would like us to CNC machine for you?


Give us a call and we will be more than happy to give you an estimate for the CNC machining costs and even perform a dry run on one of our machines to give you an accurate price before you commit to production.