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Design and manufacture of playground equipment, HDPE panels, products and components to trade companies worldwide

Fahr Industries - Experts in Playground Equipment, Outdoor Furniture and Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of play equipment, HDPE panels, products and components for trade companies Worldwide, Fahr Industries is particularly focused on listening to what their customers want and looking for ways that their customers can enhance their own play products and schemes.

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Fahr Industries
CAD Design Services - From Fahr Industries
CAD Design from Fahr Industries
Spiral Drawing from Fahr Industries
Slide Dragon Entry Panel from Fahr Industries
CAD Design from Fahr Industries

Fahr Industries is a forward thinking company, adding design into everyday products

Product Design


We provide a complete product design and manufacturing service. Choose from our standard range of panels or submit a sketch, image file or CAD drawing and we will turn your ideas into reality. We can also increase your product identity or corporate awareness by engraving your company name/logo into each panel.



Experienced Staff


We have staff with 20 years of product, component design and development within the play industry behind them. Using all the latest CAD and drawing packages, they have the capability to produce innovative products and components that will help keep your company at the forefront of play ground equipment design.



Playground Panel Designs


To save your company a lot of time and money creating new graphics and activities to incorporate into your product ranges, we have created a library of panel design graphics that can be added to your own panels.


These designs include: mazes, tactile panels, games, educational panels and imaginative play panels, moving parts panels, electronic panels, puzzles and role play themes.


[Click Here] to see the current range of standard panel designs.



Marine Industry Designs


To look at the majority of what we design and manufacture, you may wonder what relevance this has to the marine industry. Well the answer is simple, while it may be true that you will want a play maze or even a bright red/yellow/red 2-colour engraved panel onboard your expensive marine product, but what we can offer is their expertise in creating interesting shapes and simple design graphics to enhance your own designs, all of which can be manufactured using subtle marine colour combinations.


Do you have something that you would like us to design for you?


Give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk to you about the options and services we can provide you.